Private / Public Tips

January 17th '17 krischambers

Something we’ve been asked for over the past few years is the ability to tip and keep those tips hidden from others, mainly to guarantee that they arn’t being copied.

We originally always declined this request as it goes against the idea of the site – which is to be open about your profit and loss, but we think we’ve reached a happy medium…

You can now set your account to be private on your account preferences (Update Profile link). This means that any unsettled tips can only be seen by people you follow, meaning you can still verify your tips on our platform, but also choose who accesses ‘live tips’. Settled tips are always visible to all users, if your account is Public or Private.

It’s also possible to set your Blog Tips as private, you’ll see the option for each individual day on your blog.

Any questions, ask via Twitter and we’ll respond.